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We will custom design your site

Check out what else you get along with your custom designed site!

One of the most desirable features we offer is the ability for our site owners to easily modify their own website content. Most of the text can be modified by our customers without knowing html or having any tools. This enables you (since certainly by now you have decided to become our client!) to keep your site updated with your most current events, or any changes you would like to make  yourself, without ever needing to contact us.  Try out our editor on a sample page.

It is easy.  You simply log in to your account on your website and click the "Show Quick" link. You can then browse pages on your site and click on the "Quick Edit" links that allow you to edit various places on that page.  You can change text, upload photos, add links, create enhanced text, create highlighted areas, add widgets, and more!

This feature is not part of the standard site builders you find on "do it yourself" websites. With us your pages are customized as with any other professional web design ~ but with that extra bit of personalization. Your site will be created with as much or as little modifiable content as you desire. 

We offer secure check out for PayPal and/or credit card.  Each site comes with e-mail , private contact through your website, and spam control.

The average pricing for a simple website:

  • $950 to build a 1-10 page website*
  • $20/year for the domain name
  • $20/month to host the website   

Additonal Features:

Most of these features can be enabled and come as part of the basic site setup  A few require additional configuration when your site is created and thus have an extra setup charge associated with them.  A few will likely require additional training time.  See our Prices page for detailed costs.

  • Classified Advertisements (Demo or Live Example)
  • Publication Management (self-editable, database driven)
    • Provides a page to feature an index of your publication clips, articles, writing samples, or....
    • Each index entry includes title/link plus optional abstract, Author, Dates, Publication entries
    • Enter clips as uploaded PDF files, type them in directly using our html editor, or embed a page from another site.
    • Virtually unlimited number of entries
  • Member Login  
    • Private pages for members of your organization
    • Public directory (your members advertise themselves)
    • Member site privilege/capabilities assignable by group
  • Add your own pages
  • SPAM  proof contact page
    • Senders don't know your e-mail address unless you reply
    • Verification using code in an image (prevents form submissions from BOTS)
  • Photo Album - Demo or Live Example
    • Images can be viewed in fullscreen!
  • FAQ
  • Guestbook - Example
  • Imbed external blog page - The Blog is on TypePad
  • Blog directly from your website with WordPress - Useful Media Planet Blog
  • Interview & bio
  • Dynamic Maps
  • Online RSVP & payment
  • Secure check out
  • Shopping Cart
  • Site maintenance
  • Graphic Design to Uniquely Express You or Your Business
  • Animations

More complex sites can range from $750 - $2500 or more.  Contact us for a quote!
Full range of graphic artist and  copy writing services available!
Please contact us with your specifics to get a ballpark estimate.

* Client provides graphics, and basic look of the site and adds their own page content.  See our Prices page for more detail