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Come back here to see new features that we have in our website designs.

Making it easy for you to insert custom widgets on your webpages using our editor has been easy and fun for me.  When you are editing one of your pages, you can put the cursor in the spot you want the widget, click on insert widget button, select your widget, click Insert, and you are done!Often my job is to write a lot of complicated PHP or javascript code to provide some necessary feature that is not likely to be very interesting for you. 

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You may be familiar with widgets of all types that provide some special functionality on a website.  A familiar one is the ability to embed a YouTube video on your site.  Embedding is simply taking the HTML code provided for you and pasting that into your site's HTML.  Using our editor this is very easy to do and available to all our customers directly from their web browsers.  Widgets typically invoke a flash object and possibly download javascript from the widget's site to perform some magic and present you with the functionality.

However we also have another type of widget.  We call these "Server Widgets".  The server widgets differ in that they invoke special code directly on our server to insert something into your web page and having that appear as normal HTML in the browser.  The box to the right is an example of this.  It is a blog feed server widget where the webserver extracts the latest from someone's blog and displays a summary on your webpage. We have server widgets to generate Paypal buy now links, generate a Podcast, display a flash object, gather input from your visitors, and we can create custom widgets to do almost anything you want. 

As a web developer it is easy for me to write some special server function and insert the output on a site's page.  What makes these special is that you can place these functions anywhere on any page on your site using our easy to use editor!  For this example, I used the editor to create a layer, float it to the right of the page, added a shadowbox behind it to make it stand out, and clicked submit; all from a web browser!

Image Galleries

We have extended the slide show capability we have had for some time and now have an excellent way for artists to showcase and sell your work!  We can create a gallery on your site which is very easy for you to manage.  You are able to create as many galleries as you wish each containing a series of images.  Each image has extra information you can add directly to give it a title, describe, or have a purchase button.  You can upload new images and modify its information without ever leaving your website!

For each gallery you can have a thumbnail view and a slideshow view.  The slideshow view can do a fullscreen show of you artwork with music!  The thumbnail view lets your visitors click on a thumbnail to see the larger image.  We can configure your gallery to automatically watermark your images or just disable the right-click to save.

Go to our example gallery to see what is possible.


Slide show

We can present your photographs as a slide show on your web page.  Not only can you view the show as a content area on a web page, but you can also make this go full screen with just a click.  View this in action by looking at this sample slide show presentation .  

Showcase your products!

Would you like to showcase a large number of products or other items but don't really need a shopping cart?  We have developed a web feature that allows you to enter any number of these items into a database.  For each item you can create a full page, or simply  enter a description and a couple of images.  These items can then be associated with a primary group as well as secondary groups.

Groups have similar characteristics as items in that you can create a full page for each or simply enter a description.  You can see this in action on Debbie Dadey's website to showcase her books.  In this configuration Debbie is promoting approximately 140 books.  Each book belongs to a particular series but there are several other groupings such as seasonal books, new books, etc.  Make this feature work for you!  Call us for an estimate. 970-663-4184.