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Alternatives to Violence
Carol Grever, Author
Chris Will, Professional Actor
Dan Overholser, A Storyteller
Debbie Dadey, Children's Author
Enclave At Berthoud Lake
Evergreen Tennis Courts, Inc.
Family Mortgage CO, Inc.
Fresh Plate Cafe and Catering
Fusion Fabrication
Heart Spirit Unfolding
Holy Roller
Hosterman Arts Sculpture and Jewelry
Hidden Valley Estates
Instructional Intensity Inc
James Disney, Colorado Artist
Keller's Drywall, LLC
Kids Read
Leadershp Northern Colorado
Lee Yahnke, PsyD, LP
Loveland 365 - The Book
Loveland Loves BBQ
Mapping Your Career
Marie DeWolf Insurance
Sculptor, Mark Hopkins
Maryjo Faith Morgan, Freelance Writer
Mercia Creations
Nancy Baxter, Broker Associate
Face to Face Body and Face Painting
Parachuting Associates, LLC
Perfect Square
Perrines Paradise
Peter D Springberg MDFACP
Quartet Con Brio
Ram Waste Systems, Inc.
Robert Devereaux, Professional Writer
Rocky Mountain Bronze Shop
Johnsons Corner RV  Retreat
State of Grace Yoga and Meditation
Struckman Sculpture Ice
Weekly Writers Workshop
Useful Media Planet, LLC
Veronica Patterson
Wind River Group - Broadcast Engineering
World Orphan Connection
Kathi Wright - Wedding Officiant

Customer Testimonials

We believe the best advertisement is a satisfied client. Read what our clients and others have to say about working with us.   We appreciate comments about our services and the process of setting up a website with us.  We accept statements from everyone who has worked with us or knows of our services.

Just click on the "Submit Your Testimonial" button below and follow the instructions. 

I have been working annually with Mary Jo now for a little over 4 years.


She has always been pleasant to speak with, creative, and overall absolutely wonderful. 

She truly remembers each one of her customers and is quite personable. 

She is excessively flexible working around my busy schedule and always provides the fastest turnarounds for requests. 


Would recommend working with her 10/10 

Perfect for small businesses. 

Inexpensive and quality assuring. 

Nicole R Reichelderfer
Office Manager Rv Retreat at Johnson's Corner

We very much appreciate Mary Jo's help in guiding us through the process to develop a website for our business.  She had great suggestions and helped provide the structure we needed to complete the tasks.  She took personal interest in us and our business and worked hard to promote both.  The one on one training was great!

We are pleased with our website results and especially like the ease of maintenance.  The tools to make updates are quite intuitive and user friendly.  And if we do need additional help, Mj is always responsive and helpful!

Fred and Mj's services are a great value! 

Carol Barrow
Creative Angle Builders, LLC

We are currently working on updating and improving our website, and Maryjo has been absolutely wonderful in assisting us with this! She is easy to reach and always willing to provide helpful suggestions.

Our turnaround time on requests is exceptional, we can always count on things getting done quickly and correctly. Thank you Maryjo for your commitment to providing excellent service and a fantastic website!

Claire Makinen, Development Associate
Project Self-Sufficiency

Project Self-Sufficiency

It was time for the Berthoud Area Chamber of Commerce to redo our website.  We put out a request for bids to our Chamber members and other local website companies.  We listed most of what we thought we would need when we made this request.  When the bids came in, Fred's Used Websites was chosen not only because they were affordable, but because they had listed what they were able to do for us in detail.

All along the process of designing our website we met with Fred and Maryjo.  We had input with everything and they showed us how it was going to look.  It was a very detailed and lengthy process but one that was very thorough.  In the end, we received exactly what we wanted.  We are pleased with our new design, look and manageability (not only for us, but for our members).

We are excited about our Community Calendar because we would like to be the One Stop Source for everyone to find out what is happening in Berthoud.  They made this happen as well.

I would be more than happy to visit with anyone about their great customer service and follow-up as well.

Deanne Mulvihill, Executive Director, Berthoud Area Chamber of Commerce

Berthoud Area Chamber of Commerce
Executive Director

Fred's Used Websites has been a perfect fit for Project Self-Sufficiency. Fred and Maryjo always provide excellent, timely customer service and go the extra mile to make our website look perfect. They are incredibly responsive, and are always open to brainstorming with us about new features that enhance our outreach via the website.

The site itself is easy to navigate and update as an administrator, thanks in large part to the quality training and insight that Fred and Maryjo provide. If you want a great team on your side, I absolutely recommend Fred's Used Websites!

Kelly Robenhagen
Project Self-Sufficiency Advisor

Project Self-Sufficiency
Project Self-Sufficiency

There are several reasons why I hired Fred's Used Websites to create a fresh new site for Neighbor to Neighbor.

  1. Fred and Maryjo were obviously very friendly and helpful folks with a focus on providing outstanding customer service.
  2. Their web platform is completely user-friendly and allows for far more design flexibility than I have seen elsewhere.
  3. The pricepoint for designing a new website and offering unlimited, ongoing support is the best I've seen.

Their product and service makes working with Fred's Used Websites the only way to go!  
Thank you, Fred and Maryjo for our wonderful new site!

Kelly Evans, Neighbor to Neighbor Executive Director

Fred's Used Websites have been my webmasters for around 10 years. They completely redesigned my rather large website with a custom look, helped me with branding, and continually update the site with new pages to address new series. I rarely visit a school where a teacher or librarian doesn't comment on how awesome my website is. A big thanks to Fred and Maryjo for that!

Debbie Dadey

One of the joys of working in the nonprofit world is finding caring and talented people who want to partner with you in making a difference in the lives of others. Fred Richart and Maryjo Faith Morgan of Fred's Used Websites are two such people. Two years ago, our online presence was puttering along in the slow lane while the social media world was zipping past us at breakneck speed. Fred and Maryjo came to our rescue and worked with us to build a new website, which they continue to host for us today.

For the design, Lee Porter, a Boys & Girls Club board member, recruited Jackie O'Hara of Jet Marketing, who donated her web design work to the project. Fred and Maryjo then took information that could carry over to the new site (and jettisoned outdated material), and set up features for a rotating photo display, as well as news and events lists, and put all of this into an easy-to-learn format so that we can easily update and add to it. Over the past two years, they have been gracious hosts to us, responding with great speed whenever we need their help and adding new features periodically.

Thanks, Fred and Maryjo!

Boys & Girls Club gets value from volunteers (click to read atricle)

Boys & Girls Clubs of Larimer County

Fred's Used Websites is the best! Their customer service is exceptional. Whenever I call needing help with things like adding a picture or changing verbiage, their response time is immediate. Fred and Maryjo have made it very easy. Thanks guys! 


Sharon Bridgeman

I can't begin to tell both of you how much I love your work. 

My website is everything I asked for and more. At first I was unsure if working long distance ( I am based in New Jersey ) would be a disadvantage, but everything went very smoothly. Maryjo & Fred were always accessible to field my questions and phone calls. Maryjo's attention to detail with respect to the text on my site was stellar! User friendly doesn't come close to describing how easy it is for me to edit text and upload/update photos.

Thank you both so much for your big part in helping me to realize my dream.

Carmen S. Carbone

Dear Maryjo and Fred,

I wanted to thank you two for creating my website. You have been what most people would call "User Friendly."  Enabling me to use a site for my work and helping me to understand all aspects have made you two a priceless duo. It  enabled me to create a format for my creations.

I would suggest (and have) 'Fred's Used Websites' to anyone who is in need of a website.  I had initially tried to develop one on my own and ended up wasting valuable time that equates to money lost.  The affordable option of using 'Fred's Used Websites' has taken a great deal stress out of the equation.

Thanks Again!

Susan Jecminek

Bits of Yore

Just want to tell you that Jim also loves his new website.  You were outstanding walking me through all this.  You both are pretty incredible.

Thanks again for your individual care. No, what's that phrase -- for "meeting my individual needs."  Eagle and I enjoyed our trip to Loveland and meeting with Fred.

Many thanks again,
Georgann and Jim Hall

Parachuting Associates LLC

Fred and Maryjo built a professional website that continues to bring me clients.  I appreciate their web knowledge, Maryjo's writing skills, and knowing I can always reach them for support.  Best of all they remember me and I feel we have a strong relationship.  When using the web, I know who to call:  Fred's Used Websites!

Dr. Lee Yahnke Psy D

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

G Lee Yahnke Psy D Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Fred and Maryjo’s service is superb, especially when a problem arises. It’s easy for people in their position to provide service when everything is going right, but the real test is when a problem appears. Fred and Maryjo are always a phone call away and my problem immediately becomes their problem. They stay on top of it until the situation is resolved. As great as technology is, there will always be a glitch here and there. Working with Fred and Maryjo makes the glitches no more than minor bumps along the way.

Doug Hawk, Editor
Colorado Higher Ed News

I have gotten three jobs now directly from the website. They are all schools, which tells me a lot. This is a market I am going to focus on. And I have now earned over half of my costs within the first month. THAT is what is called a satisfied customer - smiles!!!

Thanks, Fred and Maryjo!


Dan Overholser, Storyteller

Dear Fred and Maryjo,

I want to let you know that my lovely Website has just landed me a chance to be interviewed in an hour-long, made-for-TV documentary that will feature my work with straight spouses and my books/dvd. I asked how the producer found me, and they raved about my great site. Just wanted you to know that I'm grateful for your expertise and all you've done for me.


Carol Grever

Having already worked with Fred Richart and Maryjo Morgan on the Colorado Authors' League Website, I knew would get a reliable and functional site when I approached them about creating the Colorado Higher Ed News. During the creation phase, they asked pertinent questions, made insightful suggestions and worked diligently to give me what I needed and occasionally pulled me back from the brink when I wanted something that wasn't feasible.

When the rare glitch occurs, Fred or Maryjo or both are on it immediately. Their willingness to make adjustments and suggest changes to increase functionality and productivity is amazing. Not only do I now have the Website I'd dreamed of, but I've made two good friends.

Doug Hawk

I recommend Fred's Used Websites to my writer friends in particular and I do so with utmost confidence that their Web needs will be served efficiently and effectively.  I'm truly proud of my new site that Fred and Maryjo created.  They were attentive throughout and worked closely with me.  The  finished site makes a great first impression for my work and clearly shows the purpose and mission of my books and documentary.  Film clips and a live testimonial make it even more engaging.  Fred and Maryjo worked hard to make every detail right, and they did so at a reasonable price.  



"When it became apparent that the Colorado Authors' League needed a new host for its website, we turned to Fred's Used Websites and have been delighted with the results. Our new site's functionality is fantastic and the tools Fred provided are at once powerful and simple to master. Editing text, adding and deleting data, and other necessary functions are smooth and easy. Through the initial shakedown process, Fred was readily available to advise us, tweak functions and correct bugs as necessary. For anyone who has had a bad experience with an information technologist, rest assured that Fred has all of the requisite skills of an technology-savvy expert coupled with a friendly, open personality. His customer service surpasses anything found with large, impersonal hosting sites. When you sign on with Fred's Used Websites, you become a part of his online family. On behalf of the Colorado Authors' League, I could not recommend Fred's Used Websites more highly. Doug Hawk Web Chair Colorado Authors'League "
Doug Hawk, Colorado Authors' League

"So there I was, an up and coming business man that wanted to start a web site to help promote my company. But I had no idea how to do that or even a good place to start. I know just enough about the internet to be dangerous, but no where near the knowledge to get my own site up and running. Fred and Maryjo took care of me and gave me exactly what I was looking for. They are awesome to work with and their work is defiantly top shelf in my opinion. The care and personal attention they provide to their customers is second to none. And I would definately come back to them for all my website needs!! Thanks a ton guys, you two rock!!!"
Morgan-tec Performance

"I'm not a techie and creating a website overwhelmed me. Fred and Maryjo made the whole process easy and are always on hand to answer any questions I have. I've heard horror stories about people paying web designers to create a site and then nothing happens. With Fred and Maryjo I didn't pay a dime until the job was completed to my satisfaction. What's more they take a personal interest in their clients. I would highly recommend their services. "
Carol Ann Kates

"I had been searching to find a reliable web-designer and web-master for quite some time. I had heard many horror stories from individuals who needed their site updated and it would never get done. Upon meeting Fred and Maryjo, I new they had the perfect solution. Not only are they great people who know their stuff, but being able to update my own website has been fantastic. I can add photos, quotes and data the very minute that I want it on the site. In addition, both Fred and Maryjo have been available quite promptly any time I had a question. If you need a good site that is professional and easy to update, go with Fred's Used Websites. Betsy Meredith - President/Founder - World Orphan Connection"
World Orphan Connection

"Maryjo and Fred did a GREAT job on my website. They have helped me not only have a great website, but 'cus of them I have gotten more work as an actor. They are the best and I am very, very happy with my website. Chris Will, Actor - New York City"
Chris Will - Actor

"Fred and Maryjo were a Godsend to getting my fledgling business off the ground. I presented them with concepts and ideas that I wanted incorporated into my website, snapped my fingers, and it happened almost instantly. It has allowed me to take care of the "work" end of growing a business, and I let them handle the details. Once the website was up and running, I was provided with all the support I could ever ask for. The periodic additions to the site are taken care of just almost as I am hanging up the phone. Fred and Maryjo address any concerns I have immediately, and any remedies are implemented even quicker. It has been a pleasure to deal with Fred and Maryjo, and doing business with them has been nothing but spectacular. "
Dave Erickson

"Fred and Maryjo have done a fabulous job of making my website super kid-friendly. Their creative ideas have blossomed all over debbiedadey.com. Thanks! Debbie "
Debbie Dadey, author

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